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Teen Choice Quest!

Here is the quest guide :

  1. Go to Primary Games area and talk to Lloyd.

2.   Now after you start the quest you must find 8 TCA surfboards to finish the quest:

3.   The first TCA surfboard:

4.   The second TCA surfboard:

5.   The third TCA surfboard:

6.   The fourth TCA surfboard:

7.   The fifth TCA surfboard:

8.    The sixth TCA surfboard:

9.    The seventh TCA surfboard:

10.   And the last TCA surfboard:

11.   After you find the last TCA surfboard you will get a free TCA surfboard 2010.

Here is the TCA Surfboard in my inventory:



3 Responses

  1. i dont see him

  2. Why can’t I find Lloyd?

  3. where is lloyd

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