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Pirate Petes Quest!

Pirate Petes Quest.Here is the quest guide:

1. First go to the beach and talk to Sharky.

2.   Now you need to find all theres  items (look the picture behind).

3.  Now look at the beach map:

1.    Item: Treasure Chest
Location:  Statue Island (Middle).On the beach map the  Statue Island is shown as number one.

2.    Item: Gems
Location: Sun Island(Right).On the beach map the  Sun Island is shown as number two.

3.    Item: Spyglass
Location: Dock 1( Beside Rock).On the beach map the  Dock 1 is shown as number tree.

4.    Item: Gold Coins
Location: Ice Hut( Down Right).On the beach map the Ice Hut is shown as number four.

5.    Item: Pirate Hat
Location: Cazmo Ball( Beside the volley ball court).On the beach map the Cazmo Ball is shown as number five.

6.    Item: Compass
Location: Blue Hut(Up-Right).On the beach map the Blue Hut is shown as number six.

7.    Item: Parrot
Location: Towelz(Down Right).On the beach map the Towelz is shown as number seven.

8.    Item: Pirate Flag
Location: Pump It(Down Left).On the beach map the Pump It is shown as number eight.

9.    Item: Cannon
Location: Splat Hut(Down Right).On the beach map the Splat Hut is shown as number nine.

4.  Now go back and talk to Sharky and he will tell you to find Pirate Pete.Pirate Pete is located at Dock 2.

5.  After talking with Pirate Pete he will give you a few prizes Adventurer Badge + Pirate costume + Pirate Quest pin.

 Adventurer Badge

Pirate costume

Pirate Quest pin


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