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Bargains are back !!!

Hello cazmos.It`s me cazmo canoe.The bargains are back with three new items.

~Cazmo Canoe~


New Cazmo Homepage !!!

Hello cazmos.Cazmo canoe is here.I want to tell you that there is a new homepage on Planet Cazmo.Here is the swf file:

~Cazmo Canoe~

Friday Updates on Planet cazmo !!!

Hey guys Slavi`s here.It`s Friday and Planet Cazmo updates.There is a new newspaper and now you can trow a party in your house.

Here is the new newspaper:

Now you can trow a free house party.Just click Free House Parties on What`s cool !!!:

And last now there are new items for your house exterior.


Planet Cazmo on facebook !!!

Hey guys Slavi`s here.There is new way to win free prizes.You just have to help Planet Cazmo spread the word on facebook.You can do this by clicking here -> http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=41887435811


Small Updates !!!

Hey guys Slavi`s here.There is a new banner and the homepage is updated too.Also did you knew that you can send cazmo cash to your friends.And last the newspaper is updated.

Here is the part of the newspaper wich is updated:

Here is how the new banner look`s like:

And here is how the new homepage looks like:

Also now you can send cazmo cash to your friends, email request to -> transfer@planetcazmo.com


H*Wood`s Concer on Cazmo next week!!!

Hey guys Slavi`s here.There are new banner and new widget from planet cazmo for H*Wood upcoming concert on cazmo.Also the cazmo homepage is updated too:

Next week H*Wood is having a concer on cazmo.


August 20th & 21st.

Friday 7PM- 12AM  ET.

Saturday 12PM- 12AM ET.

Here is the new widget:

And here is the new banner:


New Bargains on Cazmo!!!

Hey guys Slavi`s here.It`s Wednesday and the bargains are back with new items.There are 3 new items.Check out the picture below: