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Waterslides coming soon!

Hey guys Slavi`s here.Did you knew-Waterslides coming soon on Planet Cazmo!



Back to school cazmo cards !!!

Hello cazmos.It`s me cazmo canoe.Here is one cool swf files.Here is the back to school cazmo card`s swf file.Just get your  your name there.

~Cazmo Canoe~

New Banner !!!

Hello cazmos.It`s me cazmo canoe.Now there is a new cazmo banner, so check out the swf file:

~Cazmo Canoe~


FIRST EVER!!! Planet Cazmo is throwing a birthday party for all Cazmos whose birthday is in August!! Come check out the fun at the beach on Beatstreet Server on Sunday, August 29th at 3 PM EST/12 PM PST!!!!

~Cazmo Canoe~

Bargains are back !!!

Hello cazmos.It`s me cazmo canoe.The bargains are back with three new items.

~Cazmo Canoe~

New Homepage and more…

Hello cazmos.It`s me cazmo canoe.Today Planet Cazmo updated the home page and also now there is a new banner and new widget.Andd also the newspaper is updated, too.

Here is the new Cazmo newspaper:

First check out the swf file of the Cazmo home page:

Next, i suppose you to check the new widget:

And last here is the new banner:

~Cazmo Canoe~

Friday Updates on Cazmo !!!

Hello cazmos.It`s me cazmo canoe.Today Planet Cazmo updates and there are lots of cool stuff.

1.The newspaper is updated:

2.There are new hot deals on Cazmo:

3.There is also a new Cazmo Home Page:

4.H*Wood is having his own virtual concer on Cazmo:

Here is one pic from H*Wood`s concert:

and here is the new ticket:

5.Also now you can play the guitar and the drums at the concer arena:

~Cazmo Canoe~