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Friday Updates!!!

Hey guys Slavi`s here.It`s Friday and Planet Cazmo updates.There are lots of new stuff.New surfboards , chat bubbles, new house editor and new pools also new login screen and last Teen Choice Awards are having concert on cazmo this week.

The newspaper is updates.Here is the first newspaper page:

Now there are new surfboards.You can buy them from the Hot Deals page from the cazmo newspaper:

Or you can buy them and more surfboards and summer costums from the Beach Shop:

Also now there are new chat bubbles:

You can buy the new chat bubbles from the accessories store.Most of the chat bubbles are for cazmo cash, but there are also some for cazmo coinz:

The new house editor and items ere finally here:

Here are the new pools.They are all for Cazmo Cash:

Wow and now there is a new login screen.Just go to http://www.planetcazmo.com/.You will see it at the top right corner :

Now just add your cazmo name and your pass and you are ready to play:

And don`t forget that Teen Choice Awards are having concert on Planet Cazmo

this week.Planet Cazmo updates the Town Square :

Here is one picture of the new house editor on Planet Cazmo.Its updated with new functions.Now, how cool is that?:



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