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Friday Updates!

Hi guys Slavi`s here .It`s Friday and Planet Cazmo updates.Now there are three new games+ new hot deals.Also JLS are having a virtual encore concert today,  only on Planet Cazmo!First here is one picture of the new newspaper :

The hot deals can be found at the new cazmo newspaper(first click the newspaper and then click hot deals) :

Here are a few picture of JLS encore concert and info how to find them:

  1. Log in on Planet Cazmo.
  2. Now click the beach map – (picture 1).
  3. Then go to the PrimaryGames beach area – (picture2).

You can get an autograph at the VIP area(ONLY FOR MEMBERS).

There are new costumes on Planet Cazmo.You can find them at the PrimaryGames beach area or at the Beach Shop:

And the last update are the new games.You can play them by clicking the game billboard on the PrimaryGames area  or just click the game icon(at the cazmo taskbar):



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