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New Bargains!

Hi guys Slavi`s here.Today came the new bargains.They will be here only for one day, so hurry log in Cazmo and check them out (you can find them at Town Square).Here is one picture:



Only Five Servers!

Hi guys Slavi`s here.Today i log in cazmo and i find out that there are only 5 servers.They are only five severs, probably because there are no enough cazmos!And Planet Cazmo don`t need there’s servers.Here is one picture of the 5 servers:


Vita Chambers on Planet Cazmo!

Hi guys Slavi`s here.This week Vita Chambers will perform her concert  at the TCA area.This will be the first concert performed at that area.There is a new widget of the coming events (you can see it from here->https://www.planetcazmo.com/widgets.php).There is also a new banner.

Here is where you can visit the upcoming concert:

Here is the banner:

And last here is the new widget:


New MOD gift !!!

Hi guys Slavi`s here.Today i log on Planet Cazmo and i saw moderator Crazy Legs.He gave me the new MOD gift wich is called Pristine Purple ,so thanks Crazy Legs!Here are two pictures.The first picture shows me and moderator Crazy Legs and the second picture shows the new MOD gift:


Friday Updates!

Hi guys Slavi`s here.It`s Friday and Planet Cazmo Updates.There are new hot deals,  new suits, new quest, new Vita Chambers autograph and Vita Chambers is having a concert at the new beach area!You can buy the new hot deals from the cazmo newspaper or from the Beach shop (you need 40 cazmo cash for the new suits).Here are the new hot deals:

Here is one picture of Vita`s concert ( 2 hours before the concert):

And here are a few pictures from the concert:

After you visit Cita`s oncer you will get a ticket( You can see your tickets, pins… from your CazBook):

And here is the Backstage Pass(Only members can get the Backstage Pass from the VIP area):

Now the newspaper is renewed and it`s says that the weather is Warm and Sunny:

The stage is also renewed:

You can check the new quest guide from my widgets.

I still don`t know whats the new Mod gift .


Teen Choice Quest!

Here is the quest guide :

  1. Go to Primary Games area and talk to Lloyd.

2.   Now after you start the quest you must find 8 TCA surfboards to finish the quest:

3.   The first TCA surfboard:

4.   The second TCA surfboard:

5.   The third TCA surfboard:

6.   The fourth TCA surfboard:

7.   The fifth TCA surfboard:

8.    The sixth TCA surfboard:

9.    The seventh TCA surfboard:

10.   And the last TCA surfboard:

11.   After you find the last TCA surfboard you will get a free TCA surfboard 2010.

Here is the TCA Surfboard in my inventory:


Planet Cazmo!

Planet Cazmo is Upgrading right now: