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Happy New Year !!!

Hi guys it’s me Slavi.First of all happy new year and i want to thank you to all of you who visit my site every single day and supported me during 2009.My site is at the top of the 2009 most visited sites.I don’t know how to say this but i have over 1,260,000 views!Here is some info about my blog stats :

Planet Cazmo also updates today and there will be a encore concert tonight on cazmo and last there is also a new table that show the time until the new year you can see it at the down down and at the cazmo arena!

Here are the tickets you get when you go to the VIP Area and talk to Ginormous Ridonkulous and also the one you get if you are in the cazmo arena during the concert.




Merry Christmas!

Hello guys.First SlaviBoy and Planet Cazmo wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!! 


So, today Planet Cazmo updates.There are 3 new Mi’kmaqs

Here is how to buy them:

  • Go on Planet Cazmo.
  • Click the newspaper icon the bottom right corner.
  • Click Hot Deals.
  • Now you will see them
  • There is a new quest called ”Ridonkulous”.Follow these easy steps :

    First go to the Neighbourhood Area and talk to Ginormous Ridonkulous

    Now you need to find 5 clones.The first one can be found at the Town Square

    The second one can be found at the Cazmo Lake

    The third one can be found inside the Garage

    The fourth one can be found at the SpacePort

    And the last one can be found at the Beach

    After you found the last clone go back to Ginormous Ridonkulous and you will have the chance to be

    interview by him.

    There are new exterior stuff for your house

    The Magic Box i back and when you click on it you will found Purple Elf Costume.

    And last if you want to buy membership you will find it cheaper this christmas


    Huge updates!

    Today Planet Cazmo updates.First of all there are two new UFOs on Planet Cazmo.

    Here is how to buy these new items:

  • Go on Planet Cazmo.
  • Click the newspaper icon the bottom right corner.
  • Click Hot Deals.
  • Now you will see the new items
  • Second if you click the newspaper you will see that the weather is…

    Thirty there are also new instruments and if you buy them in your cazmo house you can use them everywhere on Planet Cazmo

    I don’t have time and thats why i can’t make posts every day.Today is the 7th day of cazmo…and there is a new quest

    Firs go to the cazmo Arena and go to the VIP Area and you will see Danny O’Donoghue now talk to him

    Now go to the Theater and you will find the Robot.After you take the robot go to your house and you will found it there.

    There are some more updates :

    • The Cazmo Arena is decorated
    • There is a new Mod gift
    • The Magic Box is back
    • There is a new Newsletter

    Vodpod videos no longer available.


    Holiday UFO’s next week!

    New UFO’s are comming soon, actualy they will be here next week.Here are two pictures


    1,000,000 Hits so close …

    First of all i want to thank to all of you who visit my site everyday, so i hope i get 1,000,000 views  till christmas

    So now lets talk about today updates.Today Planet Cazmo updates and there are no new clothes

    But if you don`t have these items follow this 4 easy steps:

    1. Go on Planet Cazmo.
    2. Click the newspaper icon the bottom right corner.
    3. Click Hot Deals.
    4. Now you will see the new items

    There is a new pet in the Pet Shop called “Mi’Kmaq’

    There is also a new game called  “Justin Bieber Dress Up”

    The old costumes from the last year are back .

    And somthing mega cool -NOW all car owners  have a Car License !Here is mine.

    And last but not least don`t forget the concert today!

    Oh and i almost forget The Vip Area but i am not a member so i can`t show you what`s inside Sorry.


    Christmas is here and more…

    Christmas is here again and  snow covered the whole Town Square!

    Also soon for long standing ambassadors who keep up their blog or other efforts to support Cazmo will get this hat and other goodies !

    And last here is one picture of the Winter Benefit Concert wich is coming VERY SOON !