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No Updates Today!

There are no updates today.There is only a new action(dance) wich came with the Monday updates.Here is one picture:

Also i want you to check this picture and if you look  more  carefully you will see some cool pets , they are not in the Pet Shop  right now , but do you think they will be here SOON?I want to know if there will be a new Backgrouds too?

And last here is one picture of the Winter Benefit Concert wich is coming soon !



25 Responses

  1. Hey slavi, nice blog! There actually were some updates today though. Now if you click on the light control box it will say you have to be the Roadie of the Week to use it (omer is the roadie right now). And now everyone in the Cazmic Diner talks!
    Keep up the great work

  2. Nice post xD

  3. There is more updates…and stuff

  4. but Awesome post keep it up!

  5. Comment on my blog please lol 😀

  6. My comment didn’t come out the way I’d liked it to.

  7. hey guys its tape and for ny blog we are almost at 4000 so I will throw a huge party which I will be recording and giving away a good ammount of cazmo cash in. The party will be on Monday December 7th at the cazmo club in beatstreet 4:30 p.m est time which is 5:30 p.m pc time and for your specific time if its not est look it up on google dont ask me pelase:p. Comment on http://planetcazmocool.wordpress.com to let me know if your coming because the more peopel that say they are coming the more cc i am giving away. Thanks and great blog!!


  8. dude can u make me buttons comment on my site

  9. Are you from San Diego?

  10. thank you for commenting

  11. Gripping locality, but much advertisments on him. Shall decipher as price, rss.
    planetcazmobg.wordpress.com – go to my favorites!!!

  12. Nice post slavi.

  13. And sorry for not commenting.

  14. Keep up the good work.

  15. Nice post and nice site too.

  16. You have a cool site design.

  17. I like your site very much.

  18. You have 1,000,000 views.

  19. Nice post too.

  20. You have lots of hits.

  21. Keep up the good work

  22. Nice post.

  23. Keep up the good work.

  24. Christmas is coming…..

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