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Double concert, SwitchBox and more…

Today Planet Cazmo updates!!!And this week is the Double Concert WOW!

There are No new clothes

But if you don`t have these items follow this 4 easy steps:

  1. Go on Planet Cazmo.
  2. Click the newspaper icon the bottom right corner.
  3. Click Hot Deals.
  4. Now you will see the new items

Now when you read the Cazmo newspaper or change your clothes the other Cazmo will now know that , because there are now new talk bubbles with different icons.

When the icon is newspaper that mean that this cazmo is reading the newspaper right now 

and when the icon is clothes that mean this cazmo is looking at his stuff right now.

Do you know something about Ginormous Ridonkulous?Well his job is- interviewing all kinds of famous Cazmos and he is coming SOON!!!Today the Chief Ambassador show us one picture of  Fitz and Ginormous Ridonkulous and i want you to check it.

As i said at the beginning today is the Double Concert called Back-To-Back!!!And i noticed something there is a  SwitchBox on Planet Cazmo.And i think that one special player will get to CONTROL THE LIGHTS at the concert for everyone else using the SwitchBox!

And don`t forget to come today!!! 



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  2. Nice post Slavi.

  3. You have the coolest site ever.

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    just wanted to leave a comment for my old bud. i see your site is very good and i wish you all the luck! cya


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  14. Thanks you all for commenting on my site.

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  19. Keep up the good work.

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  22. Keep up the good work.

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