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Happy Halloween- O_o

Hello everyone.Today Planet Cazmo Updates!!!There is a new Cazmo Arena desighn ,new quest, new Star House desighn, new games coming SOON,  Weezer are having concert today and new newspaper.Ok lets start with the CazmoArena

The Cazmo Arena updates again !!!Weezer will be having  their concert right there .How cool is that…

made by slavidude planet cazmo bg slavi boy cool lolol

Here is one picture of the new StarHouses desighn.And now you can rate thesir houses.


Now look at this picture below and you will see that there are 3 new games coming soon.Check it out!!!


Now Weezer Quest

Check out this video

Or click HERE

Here is one picture of the new newspaper

new newspaper design made planet cazmo planet cazmo cheats bg slavidude slavi boy 31.10.2009

And don`t forget the WEEZER CONCERT TODAY!!!!

New Planet Cazmo video:

New banner:

new banner 30.10.2009 planet cazmo bg

new banner 30.10.2009 planet cazmo bg 1



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  1. First comment.

  2. Nice site.

  3. I cant wait for halloween.

  4. First comment HAHAHAHAH…..

  5. The concert is Today.

  6. Awesome site slavi.

  7. But you are still stupid .

  8. Yes.

  9. Hey Slav! I put your site banner on my blogroll, if you want me to remove it then just tell me!

  10. thank you for putting my site BW

  11. thank you all for commenting on my site

  12. Awesome post Slavi.

  13. How do you get this SWF?

  14. COOL! POST!

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  22. Nice site Slavi.

  23. Lol you have 720,000 LOL!!!

  24. Nice site!

  25. Cool header and cool banners.

  26. This is the coolest Planet Cazmo blog i have ever seen.

  27. What do you use for retrieving swfs? I used to have something good but it dosent work anymore as my computer had a memory issue and I can’t find it. Btw great site are u friends with Paintboy100?

  28. You can just delete the last comment and email me what you use if ud like

  29. i dont have programe for SWFS

  30. but thank you for commenting on my site

  31. Sweet Site

  32. Nice Post!

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