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Almost 700000 hits!!!

Hello everyone i want to thank you all for visiting my site every day , as you probably know i have almost 700,000 hits LOL !!!Ok now lets star with the Friday updates, it is one Huge Updates .The update is new clothes ,Jay Sean encore concert (today),new newspaper,new quest,new games,new actions,new pins….Ok lets start with the new clothes.Here is one picture of them:

planet cazmoo hot deals made by slavidude 16.10.2009

Here`s how to find  and buy the new clothes:

  1. Go on Planet Cazmo
  2. Go to the downtown
  3. Now go to the Cazmo Mall
  4. Go and talk to Peter Panda and tell him you want to buy some new clothes

You can buy these clothes, costumes  and hat(s) from the newspaper(Click HOT DEALS and there you will find them)!!!


There are three new games on Planet Cazmo but you don`t get any Coins from playing them.The game are called (Stunt Bike Pro,Max Damage and MausTrap)

cool games made by slavidude 16.10.2009

There is a new action on the Chatbar (Now you can throw pumpkins)!!!

cool actions made by slavidude 16.10.2009

You can also get free pumpkin for your house every time you go on Planet Cazmo.(You can find the Gift Box outside the BodyShop this  Gift was here the previous year)

cool planet cazmo cheast planet cazmo bg planet cazmo cool new present pumpkin

Here is one picture of the new pins.

planet cazmo niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 And last but not least the new Quest( You can check it  from HERE ) or check the post below.


Some old news ❗

There are some new actions at the Town Square(They are not very new right now but…)

planet cazmoo lolomade by slavidude 16.10.2009

planet cazmoo lolomade by slavidude 16.102009

And the whole CazmoArena is decorated for Halloween!!!

halloween plabnet cazmo bg planet cazmo planet xcazmo planert cazmo planet cazmo planet cazmo bg 16.20.2009 party arena




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  1. First comment…

  2. Nice post and congratulation for the 700000 hits.

  3. Nice post!

  4. And congratulation you now have 700,000 will you make a party?

  5. Wow amazing 700,000 O.O congrats

  6. Cool blog!

  7. Nice Post!

  8. Awesome PCAP badge!

  9. Comment On My BLOG! 😛

  10. Its one huge post!!!!!!!Keep up the good work.

  11. I have all pins too.

  12. Nice post.I want to ask you something:Can you make me a member,pls?

  13. thanks for commenting on my site

  14. Awesome site.

  15. Do you play Club Penguin?

  16. or Panfu?

  17. Comment if you play these games so i can add you to my buddy list.

  18. Awesome site.

  19. Would you mind meet me on chobots?

  20. Check out this site: http://banzerpc.wordpress.com/

  21. Nice post!!

  22. Nice site too and congrats..

  23. 700000! 1,000,000 is gonna be here before we know it!

  24. wow thats awesome

  25. the conceret was great too

  26. the vampire costume makes me look fat. lol

  27. Awesome Site!!
    Keep it on ;D

  28. Congrats Slavi! 😀

  29. Awesome!

  30. Cooool!

  31. Congrats!

  32. yayy

  33. Ty for comenting on my site!

  34. The updates are awesome!

  35. ur site is awesommeee tooo!

  36. I think you should make a party for ur hits!

  37. Keep ur good site up!

  38. thanks for commenting Kokeeto

  39. Hey Slavi. Ive done this header doe fou, Hope you like it and use it!


  40. gogogogogo slavi!

  41. slavi rox

  42. congratz for the 700000hits

  43. coOoOoOoOoOoOoooooOOOooooOOOOoool

  44. sips rox

  45. i meant slaviiii rocks this site!!!



  48. Will you add the header?


  49. Thanks for your header but i will be with the old one.I will add your header to my other site http://pcnickname.wordpress.com/

  50. Hey Slavi
    Can you tell me the swf for tht thing

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