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New clothes!!!

Hi cazmo there are some new clothes.

Here`s how to find  and buy the new clothes:
  1.  Go on Planet Cazmo
  2. Go to the downtown
  3. Now go to the Cazmo Mall
  4. Go and talk to Peter Panda and tell him you want to buy some new clothes

new hot deals 10.09.2009

Also me and some cazmos checked Planet Cazmo for glitches

testing coooooooooool2

testing coooooooooool3

testing coooooooooool1


weeklyheader 09. 09 .2009



52 Responses

  1. Cool post
    ~ Knox

  2. The new clothes are cool!
    ~ Knox

  3. I like your site, you have alot of hits!
    ~ Knox

  4. Thanks for commenting on my site every week!
    ~ Knox

  5. Cool post. You update pretty quick
    ~jack attax

  6. The pictures look like they are from someone’s party?

  7. Hey dude its me joshuadolan I love ur header and wondering if u could make me one plz? I realy am a big fan of ur site and i luv the header and buttons Plz comment on my site if u will.

  8. Cooool post xD

  9. Nice post! 😀


  10. Niice Lol Slavi.. Josh is always asking for headers Day N Nite and he said im quitting do u see him quitting? lmao dont make headers 4 him he`ll ask u every 5 mins

  11. Lol thank you all for your lovely comments

  12. Amazing New Header And Awsome Site! Again lol

  13. I like your header.

  14. Nice site! 😀

  15. thx for commenting on my site

  16. Dude your site is AWESOME.

  17. Keep up the good work.Your site rocks!!!

  18. Nice header and LOL your hits!

  19. Awesome site

  20. and awesome post

  21. I love the instructions in all posts!

  22. Nice new header!

  23. and I love the Cazmo banner at the widgets

  24. You Comment alot on other peoples site, even on my site!

  25. Thats AWESOME of you!

  26. Keep your good work up!

  27. hehe ur hits are awesome…pssstt I hate you for that

  28. lmao I dont care much for hits! but thanks loaaaads for commenting alot on my site

  29. Thats soo sweeto of you!

  30. LOL kokeeto this is my happiest day 😀 thanks for commenting

  31. lol

  32. hehe

  33. AWESOME!


  35. Lol you comment alot on my site!

  36. So now im gonna be commenting alot on ur site

  37. I mean your awesome site!

  38. Keep the good work up!

  39. ….steals hits from slavi…lmao JK

  40. Lol sorry i havent been commenting i have had lots to do

  41. thanks againt kokeeto again

  42. Hi slavi omg lol you commented on my site alot of times lol but thx anwyay… and also cool blog…

    ~Fire Blaze~

  43. Lol 50 comments????

  44. ahhh i found out tht ur slavi

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