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New clothes , posters and concert today!!!

There are some new cool clothes for Cazmo Cash and Cazmo Coins(For Members)

new hot deal made by slavidue planet cazmo cheats planet cazmo bg made by slavi planetc azmo bg 08.28.2008

Here`s how to find  and buy the new clothes: 

  1.  Go on Planet Cazmo
  2. Go to the downtown
  3. Now go to the Cazmo Mall
  4. Go and talk to Peter Panda and tell him you want to buy some new clothes


 New posters

Here`s how to find  and buy the new posters: 

  1.  Go on Planet Cazmo
  2. You must have at least 100×3=300 Cazmo Coins to buy all new posters
  3. Click on the house icon in the right down corner
  4. Click on DECORATE
  5. Click again the house icon but this time on the left down corner (it says Interior)
  6. Now click on the Shopping cart icon (near the house icon)
  7. Find the posters click on them and click on BUY IT(on the right down corner)

Now you have three new posters

beta omer poster planet cazmo chetas planet cazmo bg 28.08.2009 agentcazmo poster planetcazmo chetas planet cazmo bg 29.08.2009 black wolf poster planetcazmo cheats planet cazmo bg 28.08.2009


There is also a new newspaper

new newspaper made by slavidude planet cazmo bg planet cazmo cheats 08.28.2009 planet cazmo chetas


And don`t forget the concert today

new concer made by slavidude 08.28.2009 planet cazmo bg planet cazmo cheats planet cazmo cheats

Here is one picture from the concert

new cool concer made by slavidude planet cazmo bg okanet cazmo cheats 28.08.2009

And the ticket

new cool planet cazmo ticket made by slavidue planet cazmo bg planet cazmo cheats 28.08.2009

Visit my friends site http://richcooldude.wordpress.com/

~Planet Cazmo Cheats~


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  1. RCD i hope you get some hits

  2. wow awsome post again!

  3. Sorry I didn’t get to see your comment, btw awesome site! ;D

  4. nice site slavi
    and great post

  5. hey lol imjust commenting like you told me to ur site is sick dude

  6. thank you all for commenting on my site 😀 i will continue commenting on yours sites

  7. Dude, thanks so much, you got me over 1,000 hits in one day!:D Im going to start commenting on your site alot! Thanks!
    ~ Knox

  8. Nice site!!!

  9. Not as cool as mine but 😆

  10. Cool site!

  11. You have lots of hits!

  12. Are they real?

  13. Nice site Slavi! Keep it up! 😀

  14. Cool post!

  15. I like your site.

  16. Can i be part of your site?

  17. taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks lol

  18. cool site

  19. the concert was amazing

  20. Cool site!

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