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Planet Cazmo.

weeklyheader 28.07.2009Planet Cazmo cheats planet cazmo bg

~Planet Cazmo Cheats~


Planet Cazmo News!!!-24.07.2009

First of all there is a new newspaper

update 24.07.2009 planet cazmo bg 1

Secondly Jordin Sparks is having a concert today  at(7PM – 12AM EST)

update 24.07.2009 planet cazmo bg 0

update 24.07.2009 planet cazmo bg 2

Thirdly there are some new cool clothes


planet cazmo bg 24.07.2009 segull

2.Turtle Tail

planet cazmo bg 24.07.2009 turtle tail

~Planet Cazmo Cheats~

Jordin Sparks Cazmo Concert

~Planet Cazmo Cheats~

New Quest Guide !!! (NQG)

Theres a new cool quest(Lloyd`s Quest) .Here is the guide for the quest.First go and talk to Mama Caz at the Mall , tell her you need talk to Zibs.After that Zibs will ask your to help them find Lloyd and find his items.

All items you need to find

QUEST 22.07.2009 PICTURE 0

1. Town Square Apple

QUEST 22.07.2009 PICTURE 1

2. Inside the  Cazmo Club Balloons

QUEST 22.07.2009 PICTURE 2

3.Outside the BodyShop Banana

QUEST 22.07.2009 PICTURE 3

4.Splat Hut Cup

QUEST 22.07.2009 PICTURE 4

5. Space Port Laptop

QUEST 22.07.2009 PICTURE 5

After you found all these stuff come back to the Zibs and you`ll see the Lloyd there talk to him.

QUEST 22.07.2009 PICTURE 10

Now you need to find 3  Purple Bushes.

1.Outside the Garage

QUEST 22.07.2009 PICTURE 6

2.At the Playground

QUEST 22.07.2009 PICTURE 7

3.At the Statue Island

QUEST 22.07.2009 PICTURE 8

Aftert you found all 3 purple bushes go back to the Zibs and they will give you an item called (Zibs Spy Jacket).

QUEST 22.07.2009 PICTURE 9


Planet Cazmo News !!!

1.New newspaper

new newspaper 22.07.2009

2.Now you can change your NAME 🙂

change your name for 20cc made by slavidude planetcazmo bg

3.Jordin Sparks on Planet Cazmo this week 😀

weeklyheader 22.07.2009

4.Soulja Boy Ticket

soulja boy ticket planet cazmo bg made by slavidude


300,000 Hits and more…

First of all iwant to thank you all for visiting my site and now PlanetCazmoBG is the most visited site!I have 300,000 Hits.

So lets start with the Friday updates

1. There is a new newspaper

planet cazmo bg new newspaper 18.07.2009

2. ❗ NEW ❗   Soulja Boy clothes and some cool Mimo777 stuff

planet cazmo bg new newspaper 18.07.2009 2

3. Soulja Boy is having a concert 😀

Five minutes till the beginning

planet cazmo bg soulja boy`s party 18.07.2009 slavidude 1

There is also a new NPC (Non playing character) at the CazRox Cafe.

cool new nonplayongcgharacter cool planet cazmo bg 18.07.2009


Soulja Boy !!!

Soulja Boy concert this week on Planet Cazmo.I can`t wait!

weeklyheader 17.07.2009