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Planet Cazmo News.

1. Now there are more than one ”Cazmo-Renas” there are 5 ”Cazmo-Renas”.

2.The Cazmo Rena`s are now updates with picture og Young Berg.

3.The home page of  Planet Cazmo is renewed .

4.There were lots of people on Planet cazmo thanks to Mimo.

Here is one picture of mimo`s Planet Cazmo party(This is Mimo777 from Club Penguin).



Ще има телефони в Planet Cazmo.

New Stuff on Planet Cazmo.

1.There is a new directory called Star Houses.You can check it by log in Planet Cazmo and clicking the house button:


Here is Yung Berg house:

Now you can see all Mod`s houses:

2.The Map is renewed for Halloween:

3.The Cazmo Rena is renewed too.


How to get the Beta Hat on Planet Cazmo.

Hey guys Slavi`s here.I made this post to show you how to get th Beta Hat on Planet Cazmo:

1. Go at the Amphitheater.

2.Now click the Wizard NPC.

He will ask you if you would like to take the Beta Hat.Click YES.

3.Now you can see the Beta Hat in your cazmo inventory.


New Free stuff on Planet Cazmo.

1.There are two new stuff for you house.The stuff are made specialy for halloween.The first present is pumpkin and the second is head:

There is also one free hat only for Ambassadors.Ambassadors are cazmos who help developing the game and they also have sites.The ambs. hat is very rare.Here is one picture:


New houses on Planet Cazmo.

New houses are coming to Planet Cazmo soon.Here is one picture of the houses wich are coming soon:


Planet Cazmo Halloween Party.

Here is one poster made by Planet Cazmo: