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How old your cazmo is ?

Now you can see how old your cazmo is by sing up to your cazmo account:

Welcome back slavidude!
You last logged into Cazmo on September 26, 2008, 1:53PM.
Your Cazmo is now 256 days old!
You have 1 Coins and 0 Cazmo Cash



Planet Cazmo Updates !

1.There is a new game on Planet Cazmo called – Dance Party.

2.There are new vehicles on Plane Cazmo.

3. There are also new posters for your house.

4.There is also a new newspaper

5.The Player Cards are now upgraded.

6.New updates new bugs :

7.Now you can play volleyball at the Cazmo Beach.

8.The Fitness Center is now open.

-You can have fun and by the way you can collect cazmo coinz.


Jeff is gone!

OMG Jeff was kidnap by Aliens.Here is one video:


One bug happen to me?

This bug happen to me.Comment and tell me if this bug happen to you too?


Summer Suits on Planet Cazmo!

New suits are coming on Planet Cazmo.They are made for the summer I hope they come soon.


Vehicles on Planet Cazmo.

Vehicles are coming on Planet Cazmo.Lol i can`t wait.Here are a few picture with different vehicles:


Planet Cazmo Upgrade Game.

One of the game is updated.When you kick the ball- look the meshe: