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New Safe Chat Servers.

There are two new servers on Planet Cazmo.They are safe chat only:



Planet Cazmo Updates.

1.There are new Space Ships.One of the ships cost 4200 Cazmo Coins (this is the only space ship for cazmo coins).

2.There are new skateboards for 150 cazmo coins.

3.Now you can buy backgrounds for your cazmo player card.

4.There is a new newspaper:

5.The cazmo task bar is upgdate.

6.There are new stuff for your hous (Only for Cazmo Cash):


New Free Hat.

1.You must play the game Alien Alchemist.

2.You must get over 50 points and you will get the hat as a prize.

Big thanks to Rudi759 and Posharnikar .They were the first one to have fnd this.


Space Ship for Cazmo Coins.

Finally there is a Space Ship for Cazmo Coins.The space ship cost 5000 cazmo coins.Here is one picture:


The Biggest Updates.

1.The Hat Shop is now changed.Here is one picture

2.The Clothes Shop is changed too.Here is one picture

3.The Accesoaries Shop is open now.

4.There is also a Vehicles Shop.It`s located inside the garage.Here is one picture:

5.There are new location.You can go there only woth Space Ship:

6.Cazmo Beach is coming SOON:



Here is how the Mods look like after the updates: